Baton Rouge Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

When you are riding your motorcycle on the highways in the Baton Rouge area, you do so with care, making sure you are aware of what is going on around you at all times. If only all drivers on the road were as careful.

Unfortunately, drivers often miss seeing motorcyclists until they cut them off or crash into them. The Tadda Law Firm represents motorcyclists injured in motor vehicle accidents. We supply a strong measure of support and skill in pursuing compensation for our clients. Contact us today for a free initial consultation 225-756-0007.

Serious Injuries in a State With a Helmet Law

Louisiana currently has a helmet law, although there is much discussion about removing or modifying this law. Nevertheless, motorcycle accidents that occur when a driver is wearing a helmet can result in traumatic brain injury or even death.

Even with a helmet, fractures, knee injuries and road rash may put a rider out of commission for a long time. The unfortunate fact is that often drivers of cars and trucks simply do not see motorcyclists.

Let Us Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

At The Tadda Law Firm, we apply nearly 20 years of legal experience in personal injury to obtain compensation for our clients. We listen to your specific needs, goals and pursue compensation to help give you the finances you need to recover physically.

Don’t let an insurance adjuster dictate how much compensation you will receive following your motorcycle accident; call on The Tadda Law Firm.

If you have been injured in a car accident, in a work-related accident or in any other type of incident in which another party was liable, contact The Tadda Law Firm immediately. We are happy to answer your questions. We are always available by telephone – You can even call after hours and on weekends (If unavailable, leave a message. We promptly return calls). Call us now at 225-756-0007 or toll-free: 800-487-5562.