The David and Goliath inequity of an accident involving a car and a truck is not merely a matter of size. Backed by the companies they drive for, truck drivers often have more resources to rely on than the average person.

Companies use this leverage to minimize their responsibility, sending adjusters who often offer less-than-adequate settlements following a serious truck accident. Make sure this does not happen to you by contacting The Tadda Law Firm. We offer free initial consultations for 18-wheeler accidents and accept no fee unless we help you get compensation. Contact us today.

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Serious Accidents, Serious Implications

Due to the relative sizes of cars and trucks, is there any wonder that collisions between the two often result in serious accidents? In addition to the severity of injuries often associated with truck accidents, there are numerous issues unique to this type of crash.

Truck drivers log driving and resting hours. They are generally working for trucking companies, and have at their disposal insurance adjusters and investigators to back them. For the driver who is hit by a truck, the process of obtaining compensation may seem intimidating, particularly when you are being pressured to accept a settlement that doesn’t begin to compensate you appropriately.

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Why You Should Call Us First

Calling an attorney first is the most important step you can take. You may not know how to respond to an adjuster goading you into signing a paltry settlement, but we do. Our firm will serve you and your best interests as we work to get you comprehensive compensation for medical and rehabilitative costs, pain and suffering, and loss of work.

We stand behind our clients whether we are able to achieve an attractive settlement early on or have to litigate matters. In either case, we will provide consistent, helpful support.

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Baton Rouge Truck Accident Attorneys

If you have suffered injury in a car accident, in a work-related accident or in any other type of incident in which another party was liable, contact The Tadda Law Firm immediately. We are happy to answer your questions. We are always available by telephone – You can even call after hours and on weekends (If unavailable, leave a message. We promptly return calls).

Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck driver fatigue is unfortunately not the exception to the rule, but actually quite common. The reason is that despite regulations to prevent driving long hours, trucking companies and drivers both benefit financially from driving longer than is safe. More deliveries, and more on-time deliveries, give a company a good reputation and greater revenue.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has rules for truckers and other commercial drivers. Drivers should not exceed 11 hours behind the wheel in one shift. The driver must also get 10 hours of rest before getting back behind the wheel. There are also limits on total driving hours in a seven-day or eight-day stretch.

However, truckers commonly ignore the rules and/or fake their log books to get away with it. Not only is reaction time reduced, and falling asleep at the wheel likely, but judgment is also affected by fatigue.

An 18-wheeler can weigh 80,000 lbs and travel just as fast as a passenger car. Combine these factors with the increasing number of distractions today, from cellphones to smartphones to iPods and various electronic and digital gadgets, and the highways seem very hazardous. A semi drifting into oncoming traffic will destroy anything and anyone in its path.

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The Tadda Law Firm fights for people hurt and families who have lost a loved one in truck accidents involving truck driver fatigue. Attorney Erik Tadda has been practicing law since 1991. For nearly 20 years he has devoted himself to the practice of helping people get compensation when their injuries have been the result of another’s negligence. Both he, Rick Tadda, and associate attorneys Jeremy S. Hader and Sarah D. Tormey are committed to their clients. Contact the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, truck accident attorneys.

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