18 Wheeler Accident –
$1.7MM Settlement
Client suffered traumatic brain in jury.
18 Wheeler Accident –
$1.05 MM Settlement
Client was side-swiped by tanker truck on I- 10 in Baton Rouge causing neck injuries
Industrial Accident –
$990,000 Settlement
Client developed RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) following traumatic workers’ compensation injury
Auto Accident –
$821,000 Settlement
Uninsured Motorist Claim; Client suffered neck injuries when struck broadside in Baton Rouge by undocumented migrant worker
Auto Accident –
$746,000 Settlement
Client Sustained hip injuries in head on collision
18 Wheeler Accident –
$650,000 settlement
Client was rear-ended on 1-55 causing fractured vertebrae
Auto Accident –
$200,000.00 Settlement
Client rear-ended in left turn lane suffered neck injuries requiring RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) rhizotomy   procedure
Auto Accident –
$425,000 Settlement
Client suffered hip fracture in a car wreck near Hammond when struck by a pizza delivery driver
Scooter Accident –
$100,000 Policy Limits
Client was struck and crushed against grocery aisle by another customer sustaining back injury
Government Liability –
$210,000 Settlement
Client was in car wreck with police officer who lost control of his police cruiser. Underwent Epidural Steroid Injections
18 Wheeler –
$725,000 Settlement
Client in double turn lane in car wreck with tractor trailer that clipped her while making left turn. Minimal property damage. Client underwent laminectomy discectomy surgery.
Auto Accident –
$650,000 Settlement
Auto Accident Causes Ruptured Disc;
Offending Motorist failed to yield to favored street. Client underwent cervical fusion

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