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Scaffolding Falls & Collapses

Scaffolding Falls and Collapses

Scaffolding Falls and Collapses

Scaffolds are used to build and maintain solid structures, but they are far from solid themselves. They are temporary, and do not always sit on very solid ground.

A wide variety of serious accidents occur, injuring workers on or under scaffolding.
  • Scaffolding collapses under workers, dropping them from great heights.
  • Moving or falling objects, and even wind, can knock workers off scaffolding.
  • Unsteady scaffolding contributes to objects falling onto workers below.
Although state and federal regulations may dictate the specifications and use of scaffolding, various defects are common. These include faulty design, faulty metal and wood used, poor maintenance and decay, improper assembly, overuse and overloading.

Millwrights, welders, pipe fitters, and anyone needed to build and maintain commercial or residential jobsites or industrial plants may suffer broken bones, head or neck injury, and even death in these accidents. If you have lost a family member to an accident, a wrongful death action may bring you needed compensation, with or without a trial.

Although workers' compensation may restrict your legal actions, a third party who is not your employer can be found liable and provide money in addition to workers' compensation payments.

Louisiana Work Accident Attorneys

The Tadda Law Firm, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offers nearly 20 years experience, and the knowledge and skill to maximize your compensation, whether you or a loved one has been injured. Insurance companies and your employer may care about your recovery, but to ensure your best interests you absolutely need an attorney totally dedicated to fighting for you. Contact the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, workplace injury lawyers.