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Medicare & Workers' Comp Injuries

Baton Rouge Medicare and Workers’ Comp Lawyers

Baton Rouge Medicare and Workers’ Comp Lawyers

Experienced Workers' Compensation Law Firm in Louisiana

Workers' compensation claims can be made more complex by the existence of Social Security Disability or Medicare benefits. At The Tadda Law Firm, our Baton Rouge Medicare and workers' comp attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience protecting the interests of workers' compensation claimants. They are able to highlight when Medicare or disability benefits may be affected by claims.

Contact our law firm today to schedule your free initial consultation. Our experienced attorneys will help you understand what you are facing and help you seek the compensation you deserve after an on-the-job accident. Call us toll free: 800-487-5562.

Workers' Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement

According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), all parties to a workers' comp case must do everything they can to protect Medicare's interests. This is especially true when workers' compensation claimants are seeking costs to cover future medical payments. A workers' comp Medicare set-aside agreement places any funds for future costs obtained in a settlement into a separate account. Once those funds have been exhausted, then Medicare will step in and pay for any remaining medical care stemming from the workers' compensation accident.

Medicare set-aside agreements come with very specific rules and regulations that apply differently to each unique agreement. However, one rule holds true: If you spend any money that has been set-aside for medical treatment in other ways, for instance buying a car, Medicare will not cover any medical costs once your funds have been depleted.
Medicare compliance firm, Goulds & Lamb, helps individuals just like you ensure that the funds you set aside are used properly to protect your future interests and Medicare's interests.

Gonzales Worker’s Compensation Settlement Attorneys

To learn more about how we can help you obtain the benefits you need to recover from your personal injury accident, contact our lawyers today. We are always available by telephone — you can even call after-hours and on weekends. If we are unavailable, leave a message. We promptly return all calls. Call us toll free: 800-487-5562.